It is hard for Product Managers to learn. There’s no school for this critical role and learning from others is key, yet hard to come-by. I help to build Product Orgs, to introduce a modern product mindset and to grow each individual contributor.

Vision & Strategy Workshops

In my workshops, you will learn about my product management style and, more importantly, we will implement it together for your company and teams.

New Ideas

If you need help with your next endeavor or a project that does not fit in the regular coaching and workshop scope please let me know.


  • Bringing in his vast experience, Elias's help and advice has proven extremely valuable in building our product organization. He is coaching our PMs and leading workshops to find the focus and vision. All workshops got stellar reviews and we are looking forward to continue working with Elias.

    Robin Guldener, Co-Founder & CPO at Avrios
  • It is hard to come up with a vision for a great product. It is even more difficult to make sure it is delivered in bigger teams. Elias can do both. He impresses with great a deal of customer-driven empathy and a very focused end-product oriented mindset. Others quickly get his vision and follow it. Always happy to work with him again.

    Przemysław Rymaszewski, Head of Underwriting Analytics | Zurich Insurance
  • Elias is one of the brightest and most talented product minds at Google.  His vision, and leadership over enormous multi-organizational projects in a challenging environment make him a huge asset to any team.

    Glenn Wilson, Group Product Manager | Google Assistant
  • The workshop with Elias exceeded our expectations by far. Going in, we believed all founders were on the same page, but we were quite surprised to uncover interesting differences. It proved to be a great time investment, we could align our vision and set up clear strategies on how to get there.

    Willi Julius Meyer, Managing Director & Founder | DC4P